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acute myelitis, refers this disease to three principal types, of which the
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of a general tuberculosis, for them to reach a larger size or to have under-
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to avert gonorrhoeal orchitis, it is desirable to cause all patients with
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than a paroxysm of angina pectoris. This terrible seizure
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chief cause of the sickness, I give the current fact that, after a
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gastritis with multiple erosions, pyloric stenosis (per-
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seventy-one and eighty. One patient upon whom amputation of the thigh was
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equity branches of the legal profession, together with other
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made in the next article. In splenic pseudo-leucocytha^raia the spleen is the
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inunction. The effect of the last-mentioned is less distinct in myelitis
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what is obscure and difficult, easy and attractive. Dr. Woolsey
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ment of acute disease were it not for this morbid state !
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words must be varied, as the subjects are likely to talk about
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of opinion which had of late years been observed with regard to the operation
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cases usually are from extension of the disease from an osseous focus, the opera-
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observed in the acute yellow atrophy liver depends in part upon an
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public attention is thereby drawn away from the charming
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Greeks. For it is a well-known fact that those physicians who,
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tubercular laryngitis under the use of the laryngoscope is more
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the defence. The impossibility of the broken needles having
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Foreign observers have noticed, in many cases of affection of the
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nothing to do with a polluted river, or with sanitary
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2. Whom have you visited during the last three weeks?
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throat, which was preceded by a chill ; violent fever followed, and an
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cept osteopathic physicians) who have their primary
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days to two weeks after the bite of the fly. In Europeans
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day (January 11, 1890), having been begim on the 27th
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for hthotomy, or other steps of the operation, may induce a state of
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uniform than those in gout, in that tliey all display the