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and they were so because, during the period of their greatest
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M.D., Fairfield. The House voted to accept the report of
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was honey ; and the quantity prescribed, a pound a day. Whether the
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found in the spinal lesions. Thoinot and Massehn found the Bacillus coli
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mae, and on the inner aspects of the thighs ; and they excite
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obstruction. More directly it is due to pressure on the veins. The latter
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found a number of cases in the service of Professor
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The clinical picture of leprosy drawn by many of our text-book
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lowed inquires into the points of difference from the healthy
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ulcers improved for a time, but again relapsed. At the end of a month, M.
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and admitted, the practical usefulness of a medicine does not
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7. Sentences should be proportioned to these grades
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Group, or Single Specialty Group. Available July 1976. LW
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treatment for alcoholism, emphysema, drug addiction,
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unstable nervous system, or to the secondary and more lasting effects of liquor;
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de la deuxitime frontale droi'te. Bull. Soc. d'anat. et phy-
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anything should occur which greatly lowers the vitality or resistance
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ald, M.D. (London), and Mr. Charteris Symonds (London), in
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The object of this paper is to bring to our attention a method of
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structure, composed of homogeneous material, giving the impression of
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in contact contracting the disease. Paradoxical though
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tion of both kidneys, ureters, and bladder was then done. If
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for graduation? I doubt the justice of this wholesale indict-
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cians who furnish such recruits with certificates of fitness, they should
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is frequently found in these cysts. KUster considers the presence of
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But even as the wise men of the University of Salamanca decided
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procedure ; if predisposition to emotional disturbance,
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More and more, however, is hygiene becoming recognized as the science of
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sclerosis does not give rise to sensory disturbances; bulbar symptoms are often
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cocaine is used. The operation is repeated two or three times a week. All irri-
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of the contagiousness of the latter presents little doubt to the