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one of the most vivid descriptions of a West Indian
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faculties and forces as he possessed. . . . Soon, however,
Birmingham 18.5, Leicester 13.7, Nottingham 16.3, Bolton 18.0,
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etted the uterus. After-treatment consisted of corrosive
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supplies, and in many instances where comparatively
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bility insurance, 552; athletics for girls, 554; the Vobel prizes, 554; euthan-
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third year in Washington. The council has therefore changed
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Argyll-Robertson pupil — are of course not detected
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And this, too, in spite of the fact that the sporting
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in the order of seniority, were leaders in the med-
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sions. It is diflicult to make out the outlines of the
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Small-pox Hospital, on the result of his observations made during
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in r(^diuing congenital dislocation of th(! hip will
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Barrie, M.D. Their relative position on the list of
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it has not been followed by the disagreeable symptom
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Life, therefore, would not be saved by prohibition of
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the hip. The anesthesia lasted a little over two hours.
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that this sketch had not been written. For the student
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states that when given in 1 or 2 gr. doses every two
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tion with a good cutting forcep and then separating
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in Sanitary Bacteriology in the M. I. T., Boston. Reprint.
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matter of disposal of excreta is being taken up vigor-
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of lower centers controlled, or inhibited, by higher
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ow held for the sixth time, have felt its broadeii-
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of the tibial. There was a moderate general enlargement
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men of radium were cut off by interposing a plate of
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and in organized medical bodies. It is clear, with-
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as by the usual operation for producing spinal anes-
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festly our duty to investigate the conditions existing
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were found ; (5) its habitat, that of the most vio-
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of the microscopic pictures is not to be thought of.
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if these are sufficient in severe cases, especially where
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first feeling of strangulation is. It is impleasant
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'he nerve bundles are shrunken, and show considerable
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approaching changes in Parliament enable us to urge
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res|)onds closely to the third, which was amplified
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