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probable that the actual cause will be found to be a
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The address of welcome was delivered by Dr. W. H. Hag-
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A rational corset and Abdominal Support for ever>
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back to Spain. There was a high civilization here then,
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examination before death showed red blood corpuscles,
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introduction of 28 c.c. of air into the femoral vein,
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cian attending a leuchasmic patient enlarged glands
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prevention of prostitution, and are used to support
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The black mottling of the nodules appeared to be an-
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we multiply our factor, which is 12, if we are using
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under two years of age ; 26 to cancer, and 24 to pulmonary
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desquamation is evidence of infection and irritation
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that within a week his pupils became equal and mobile, the
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stitched by a buttonhole suture to prevent any leak-
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General reaction consisting of fever and malaise, profound.
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transmissible diseases were reported to the Department of
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T. Inman, the Atlanta capitalist who died in New York
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ence of oils and fats decreases gastric acidity. To
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Manual of Instruction. Prepared for and Endorsed by the
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diseases ; we have but to remember that thirty-five
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the apex. There were a few scattered subcrepitant rales
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list and steps taken to prevent their prevalance as
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There were 2 cases of diarrhceal diseases and 29 cases of