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weighed 1250 grains. The patient was discharged on the twenty -second
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to pass the bowels in the same form in which it was taken.
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with the nature of the toxin employed, and with the kind and vary-
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operation she has undergone several times during the
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be possible, and in a sense is not always of great practical importance.
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guinea-pigs by injecting the choleraic dejections into the
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2 per cent., 1'92 per cent, was globulin. A feature of great interest was
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and in bad cases always coma. No one who has become once familiar
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(d) The Nerbudda, running through a corner of it, is scarcely au
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recent times. External applications of tar and of car-
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radial side the relation of the carpus was normal, [m.b.t.]
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K voted, that the charges preferred against Dr. I order to reapply the chloroform, had re-
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demonstrated limitation of hip joint abduction because of coj 1 *
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original matter in proportion to its size, cost and character
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but it seems to you that it has because it is mixed with the
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grees below summer heat ; or about 70° or 80° Fahrenheit.
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ness of hearing without any serious discomfort or disa-
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most often involved and sciatica may set in suddenly and acutely, to pass off in two
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be considered in this isolated case as an accidental complication.
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but meningeal complications more frequent. Death may occur in one
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anorexia, prostration, etc. Pain in the back, limbs, and joints is a promi-
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upon that of the operator, while the expense of current was
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unusual in the veins. The discussion was participated in by
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hind legs, from which the disease takes its name. It runs a chronic
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It purges sheep ; purges or vomits the pig and dog. Dose for
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pressure, e. g., 150 atmospheres; in other words, 500 liters of oxygen
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proficiency and skill in his profession, together with
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less erect and alert, than he did twelve years ago when I at-
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to it, and suggest some modes of returns so as to get us out
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skin sallow, liver torpid, and troubled with constipation and a
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of trial of Mrs. McLachlan for the murder of Jessie McPherson Glasgow
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kind of ataxia found with lesions of this tract, when alone
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of many memoirs published in various botanical journals.
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96. Also, trand. : Arch, di patol. inf., Napoli, 1887, v, 257-
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^ The doi-siHcxion of the f(reat toe ia more readily and commonly seen in a
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of the United yiaius which we have examined, (except-
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is the nearest approach to happiness for anyone — with-
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ing an exhibit illustrative of the health ^^^^y ,,.^5 h^ld ;„ Washington City October
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to assuage his distressing thirst. To the two cases of trau-
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uric acid output. Only Minkowski 1 records an increased elimina-
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