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The fore-finger is called 'the index. The middle and longest
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tomized dogs hyperplasia of the lymph glands did not occur constantly, and
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cells should be of a malignant nature. Cystoscopy and the
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other. loth. Ulceration of the membrane of the larynx particu-
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achieved and the contents of the book should make the alumni
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2.— See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 22, p. 857.
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bleeding from a strong and previously healthy patient is suffi-
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centers in California (MCIC). This necessitates much
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7. Louie E, Rice LB. Holzman RS: Tuberculosis in non-Haitian patients with
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with permission to leave the L T nited States. (S. O.
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Seventy pages of the work of Dr. Minor are taken up with a critical
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strator of Surgical Fathology in King's College. With 14iS lUuatrations. 8to. 3U.
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celebrated countryman, Dr. Mead, who was the first to suggest
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The first law regulating the practice of physic in ''
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their professional future by purchasing "The Cyclopedia of
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assistance in sanitary matters whenever he is requested to
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less violent thun thust' who were between "JO moulhs and 3 years of
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smaller immediate lumen than in the case of the open
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Professor GtNN, of Chicago, has a thoughtful paper upon the Treat-
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date, March 21st. She stood erect upon the soles of her feet on the 18th,
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must use his own judgment in each in- self believed. The tale had come to be
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comijlication, account jiartly for the appearance of
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If the eyelids are involved, they should be covered with
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Should this tuberculous focus remain for a long period without ruptur-
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the only disease which really concerns us in this work is urinary
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The occurrence of tube-casts in the urine, without,
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exorcised the spirits of disease by means of sacred words
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tumours, and especially syphilitic lesions of the cortex. These last are
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ordinary run of cases, will be found at least equal to any others, and
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