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an habitual criminal may be one by heredity and instinct,

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pital Reports, vol. ii., 1867), is supported by three cases of

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from the wards of this hospital treating acute respiratory diseases.

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causes, and the Ratio of Deaths in Classes to the entire population in Hart-

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is, in our opinion, due to this fact that superintendents are

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they soon occurred two or three times in twenty-four

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The patient*s health was always good until the time of her last pregnancy, eleven

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although his interpretation of it is adverse to selection. From the evi-

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stant habit of prescribing articles of this class to fulfil}

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tion forceps. The open wound for symphyseotomy seemed to

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coccus. With all this the typical signs and symptoms

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in establishing the value of worthlessness of the pro-

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Styrap,Dr. C. R. Drysdale, Dr. A. H. Jacob, Dr. Henry Harris,

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3 iv, tinct. aconiti rad. 3 i. M. Sig. Six to ten drops every two

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ordinary forms of pneumonia with which it is so closely allied as

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common form is the chronic lymphangiectasis. This occurs usually

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eases where the excessive increase of temperature seemed to

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fering from severe gastric spasms, without any other concomi-

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with the above S3'mptoms present, I made the first injection of antitoxin,

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all the detail of drug proving and drug action. Such a move-

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a specific gravity of 1.078 at 0° and 1.063 3-' 18.5°

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It may be very difficult to avoid mistakes in the diagnosis between

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to the patient when in this condition, she eats and drinks, and at times even

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collect, chiefly from American sources, a large number

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retina was found to be slightly congested, there was,

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In the matter of treatment, Dr. Lyon asserts that digi-

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