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miirht lie taken to the coiKdiisioii on the urmind that it was due to ine

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such as "General Debility," '"Change of Life," **Fever," "Exposure," etc. If

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As the disease progresses the connective tissue increases. Coarse, fibrous

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tions iiiijiht remain as nearly intact as possilile, the KiissiMii phy^ioloL'i^t.

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here. Moebius, and more recently Alfred Gordon, have called attention

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siirption hnlhs. until no further (diaiiire in the level of tht> llui<1s in the

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Cassirer concludes that we have not, as yet, any sufficiendy thorough

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do not suggest any such changes, and if an ascending infection occurs the

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Post, Dr. Case of Aneurism of the Arm, cured by tying the

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is the most striking feature, both in distribution and in the incidence of

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entrance, and during the first two years there shoiua be hut a trivial mortality

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changes which have been met with in every autopsy. Dinkier regards it

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found in spasm, but the ephemeral character of the attacks can scarcely

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rejection based upon spurious diagnoses, such as are frequently made by

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diffuse reddish streaks. Hepp considers the muscles to resemble tnose of

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fixed, by the formation of bridges of bone, and scoliosis may be observed.

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his first bleeding, when his subject is plethoric and

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In the study of the symptoms it is well to have in mind the lesions which

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thromelalgia and scleroderma, will be considered separately. Of many

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case at once assumes a desperate character. The symptoms are usually those

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a more rapid osmosis through the capillary membranes? If we could

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I'lK U rus^iiir vuivi- .it:. I luitui ki.ftii.ili .| li.i\, l.tvii -tiin 1 irin-'-^i .1. 'I !u |.rt •.jili.'.titiiii .

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changes, sometimes dead fingers — syncope most often, and slight grades of

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* Contribution a VMude de la Myosite aigu'e suppur^e, Bordeaux, 1877.

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amount of pigment. But there are a great many individuals with what

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If s.M.rofion, nn.l tlinvforc vaso.lilatation alone enii not be rospon

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' '■' 'riic (iressurc imlse in these patients is. Iniwcxcr, \ ci\ iiiarke 1

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'lie rijiid <'raiiiu-i in which it is contained. In fact, from a physical

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iuiis inci'case the |)olym(irphoiinelcar cells, while others add to

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accessory factors play an important role. Why one kidney should be affected

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the subcutaneous fat gradually disappears, and soon the skm seems attached

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and later hy a hormone mechanism operatiuf.' on the liver cell, tlie iiu-reased

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