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June and July, 1863. % In the British Journal of Mental Science,

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into the lung. The analogy between this muscle and the diaphragm of mam-

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amounting, apparently, if not in reality, to modes diametricall}^ op-

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M. J., N. Y., 1897, Ixiv, 19-23.— Silva Carvalho. Febre

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Stevens, M.D.. ex-President of the College of Physi-

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and course, and the tendency of nervous symptoms to overbal-

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it may be accepted that the person examined is not a menace to the

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and a recovery generally took place, although, in some instances, the

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ment on the left side. This led the way to an extra-

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nausea without the slightest effect upon menstrual symp-


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We must not, therefore, be surprised to see the development of a

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(WladimiroffMikulicz). Med. News, Phila., 1888, Iii, 28.5-

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Etiology. — In impetigo, as in eczema, a serous exudation is se-

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agreed to at the meeting in Montreal in November, with perhaps

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in hospital practice before the days of antisepsis.

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The article discusses the origin of the operation for

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The development of tubercles in the iris may take place without any

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which takes place under the influence of this drug.

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that tuberculosis and cancer can both be cured. He deplored

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dead in about ten weeks, though some still survive, but probably all

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of an incisor or canine " rarely justifiable." If the tooth be sound we should

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apex. He made an excellent recovery; and, indeed, in the course

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due to their caustic and not to their antiseptic action has

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A thorough understanding of the interplay between heart and blood

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ties, without even breaking the bone, by means of the

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York, invites the co-operation of every house-staff since 1850. It was

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Old-fashioned medicine was simple. But the highest standards of

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tack of vertigo, incoherence, or rambling ; sometimes a rigor. The disease

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are helped by the adoption of a course of study, but espec-

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2. To prevent uraemia and secondary inflammation ; 3. To palli-