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Medical College of Pennsylvania. 315 S. Sixteenth St.

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abductors. Paralysis of the abductors is of great interest. It is very

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physician moves close to the patient, faces him directly

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pathological condition which is also represented in a diffuse myelitis, at

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of establishing the condition of the other kidney must

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The Royal College of Surg-eous of Eiiglaiul. — As

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rhoea, nausea, or a sense of loathing. On the contrary, she regarded

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presbyopia is the reverse of the truth. Precisely when the

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soluble in water, completely soluble in alcohol. It cannot be re-

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masses, extending from side to side of the pharyngeal vault. In a large

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exciting the irritated organism equally and pleasantly ; the remedy nuiy

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Fair ')%■ the therapeutic value of alcohol in pneumonia, 99; causes

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good supply of young, hardy bulls that have been raised to camp con-

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Etiology. Active congestion of the renal vessels may be produced

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or less meningeal inflammation as indicated by pleoc3rtosis, increased

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connection with the removal of the breast. — New York Medical Jour7ial.

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to three weeks, repeated three or four times, and the doses

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ject to cancer or syphilis,' and is perhaps more subject

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development of a kidney injury. The injury to the kidney is expressed

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^ Comp. Dr. H. G. Hammer, Direolor der eleoferisohen Heilnnstalt ea Dresden : Die

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omy, both of which require, in order that they should be suc-

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Jaborandi were given every fifteen or twenty minutes. Each time, however,

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be relieved by the treatment are sprains, stiff joints

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apparently different forms depend upon an acquired diathesis which

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days, no precaution being taken to prevent the volatilization

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erysipelas ; and also, it is necessary to be ever mindful of the fact