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year 1863 my only operation for removal of liard cataract was

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strate the presence of tuberculosis without mistake. In men, after

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its destruction resemble those of thyroidectomy. I have

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Cardiac dyspnea may be due to conditions in the heart itself, or

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enough to cause death. About the third day the characteristic erup-

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ber up to the official minimum of eighty. Instead comes

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Changes in the Stomach. — Cancer at the cardia is usually associ-

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sterile, intermediate specimens presenting fewer and fewer

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importance, namely, how can all the examinations, conducted

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Lincoln College before the end ot July, stating the nature of the work

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that when much is added to it the kidney should correspondingly be

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James T., another brother, was healthy till about 12. His

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The liver is a reservoir for carbohydrates, and is so capacious

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Nature. An organism might fail to admit forces or accumu-

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mains virulent after death, many cases are reported of persons becom-

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trachea where it is pressed by the aneurysm. Yet more commonly

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Hence, as we have said, oiu: chief reliance in combating the ravages

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and the inability of the laboring classes to rest sufficiently and re-

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benefieial. Dr. Clarke's book is well printed, and singularly

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the utmost care. Do not attempt to separate or scrape off' a

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been repeatedly made in healtliy animals (and also in healthy men)

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characteristics never foxmd in a normal pulse. "The sphygmographic

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measure which is likely greatly to improve the efficiency of

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sue of the frog. In a series of observations made in June,

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geon, but his name was struck off the Rcf/ister. He, nevertheless, con-

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FORD MoRisoN, F.R.0.(5., 14. Saville Row, Newcastle-on-Tyue ;

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valescing those in the basement took the disease. It seemed

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Thougli it would be unwise to form a positive opiniou of

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