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gin to the lobes, and the smaller ramifications to the lobules, ^o

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salve like, slightly acid reaction. No curds. Micro.

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double cystoma, with extensive adhesions. Secondary

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amount of effusion into the cavity of the pericardium that the

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Waukesha B. M. Caples, Waukesha. A. J. Hodgson.Waukesha.

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of needles, wire, horsehair, etc., aims to produce coag-

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Regulation if the Dirt. — During the early period of fever the patient

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large intestines, and sometimes, though rarely, a part of the small,

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rhoeal form even, which offers the best prognosis, treatment often foils,

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The society does not purchase milk or cream, nor does it guarantee any fixed price

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arises. Rubeolous ophthalmia is apt to be persistent.

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may live long enough for level tumours to form under the skin ;