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the pneumococcus, the diphtheria-bacilli, the tuber-
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surrounding atmosphere. It was then refrozen and again allowed to stand for'
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nent, and puffiness of the face diminished, the albuminous condition of the
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posed to have been the work of the scalpel instead of the ulcerative
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though extremely emaciated, no thyroid gland could be made out even with
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and blood-corpuscles. The pus and blood render the urine
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pulmonary congestion from contagious fevers, pneumonia and
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Medical Journal of Dec. 31, 1904, which dealt with the new
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this mention here so that it may be referred to if desired. He
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not urgent, but anaemia is pronounced and the nephritis tends to become
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herent delicacy. Unquestionably the presence of adenoids
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under the circumstances. A great deal of my.stifica-
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into two groups — mental and motor derangements. A correct appre-
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in a practical point of view, is worthy of being borne in mind. Thus,
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with respiration, and this occurs, although to a less extent, even when it is
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the difficulties to be met with in practice. Professor Fournier has not, perhaps, as he
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ever, destroying the substance of the cerebellum itself. Such cases
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the biceps was conspicuously affected in my case. Against
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name was modified in accordance with a demand from medical publishers
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the leg and thigh. With minimal stimulation (Horsley and Beevor) it is
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certainly of the best, since it is the knowledge grounded
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constant or conspicuous feature of uremia. The theory of creatinemia
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then entirely removed down to the periosteum and carefully
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sent incumbent of the Chair of Surgery in Jefferson College, read a paper
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belief, and no candid observer can deny the fact that many
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1832. The epidemic, therefore, occupied nearly fourteen months from the
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Fig. 4. — Fairy ring formed by .Uardsniiioi orcadcs; an edible mushroom.
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appear until after a week or more, or unless italis; others may be made worse. Fre-
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in the briefest manner possible ; but when the paper is published the whole
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ments still prevailed. This does not in any way show
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red, hyperaemic condition, we find rather an unnatural pallor
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startling in their results. They should be repeated and broadened, for
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higher than it would in anyone with a healthy nervous