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convenient to consider them in the light of complications.

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Gout— Anatomical Characters— Clinical History— Patliological Cliaracter— Causation— Diag-

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death occurred apparently from syncope. Dr. Moore's report exemplified

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more or less, over the voluntary muscles. The affection is sometimes

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There is no better work on the subject in exist(fnce

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Garten and Weiss supposed. Their animals, contained in a

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the laudanum, and diminishing the dose, or allowing a longer

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made upon one of the primitive carotids at a time, and if the convulsive

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mass is always forced into the cavities of the corpora cavernosa,

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existence of t3'phoid fever may be suspected, are cases of so-called t3'phoid

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determinable, would be those indicated by the tuberculous affection of the

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As already stated, the i)athological character of the affection, in all cases

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and not to assign to the nervous expansion termed the brain,

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2 Vide Outlines of the Chief Camp Diseases of the United States Armies, etc. By

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stimulate the formation of the amoeboid gUa cells to serve as

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measures indicated, therefore, are tonics, stimulants, and alimentation.

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a inoi t opportune publication, because ^o many top-

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if ever, exists as an isolated affection, and is generally symptomatic of

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days with vomiting and fever, but the disease in this case did not prove

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therefore falls within the domain of surgery. An inflammatory affection

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born Cldldren, and CJdldren dying ; also with regard to