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resident in workhouses has augmented equally (see Table I).

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the faradic and galvanic currents in the lower extremi-

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ical men who occupy professional offices of honor, trust, and profit?

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daily. Gradually the motility returned and the cure was com-

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by experiments on the lower animals that large doses of tetanus

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registered in each of the four weeks ended Saturday, June 19,

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a few of the cells present the first appearance of fat

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tude of an evil is at any time a sound reason for doing nothing

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and poor nutrition have been considered to have mutually

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merely a characteristic of sarcoma or cancer; other possible

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ported by the members. Mr. Hutchinson stated that his main wish

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has been powerful enough to rupture the aortic valves,

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Ichthyol may also be employed in psoriasis, sycosis,

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ing adhesion between the lower surface of the diaphragm and the upper

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della eritromelalgia. Incurabili, Napoli, 1895, x, 144-156. —

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saw a decided case. But of imaginary < by the consciousness of dirty habits in their

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and healthy climate, is often followed by recover^', provided the in-

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be done. Thus far, hospital statistics gave the best results.

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of the Army Medical Department for 1860, p. 359.) The facts of

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4. "Infant Feeding, etc," Louis Fischer, Phil, and Chicago, 190I.

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" was going to fall off the seat". On leaving church,

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means of treatment only to explain and remove local

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cancer, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, renal calculus, pancreatitis,

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not believe that a physician can be found without one

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if any addition were needed to its authenticity beyond the names connected with, and