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organs and viscera, which occurred at one of the dissecting
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devoid of vessels, such as the cornea, cartilage, and certain portions of the
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cases are met with ; and the author has himself observed in an octo-
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Lunacy, certificates of, 23, 69, 230; letter of Commis-
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xlv, JSTo. 48, p. 1328) reports a mortality of 46 per cent, among preg-
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or respiration, or both, are suddenly impeded, and death follows soon after,
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i virus can be decreased by screening women during their
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Latin. His arrogance in assuming that no medical writings previous
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the diagnosis of truly incipient tuberculosis of the
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coming abroad in disorder, which he ought to be dis-
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The Alkalinity. The alkalinity remains unaffected, so long as
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was weak and collapsed. Distmct peristaltic waves could be seen over the
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operations. Natural immunity to infection seems less-
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of Mikulicz. There was no recurrence after 2 years. Halstead
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jurious. That people who can get it will often take a bottle
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No plastic operation would be of any service here. It could not be
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and hyperaemia (congestion) present far reaching possibil-
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peutic agents, for example, vaccination against small-
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Medical Center; approval of interim reports from Rapid
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nerve to the brain, or when the exercise of volition
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Another deviation, which was noticed, from the common description, was the absence of any appa-
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including those cases coming on after abortion, has been universally
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period, it is safer to vaccinate at least once each year until the
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In only 23 of the cases was the disease recognized during life. Six
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Fig. 3. — The relation of the total daily urinary fat to the amount ingested
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hot and cold; dry and moist; chills in various parts of the body;