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recorded by W. F. Tchishi acquires unusual interest. A
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Louise, n;> >rts his experience with Taka-Di-
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into the pleural cavity of the dog when washed free from serum
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Gangrene, a mortification, or nearly the loss of life of a part.
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Course, Duration, and Termination. — The simple cases of pyelitis
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good a result could be obtained at this time as could have been ob-
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readily with the ordinary aniline dyes, and retain their
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vessels, persons, and personal dunnage, be facilitated in
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Those found in the kidney differ from each other, not only
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pulse is hard and quick. The tendency of the disease is to
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Deeply impressed with the responsibility attached to the
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altered condition of the blood-corpuscles is a slow circulation,
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and fatty, and to have in part broken up into a granular debris. This
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Thus ague prevails in certain regions, goitre and cretinism in others ; and
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of malignant tumors is clear, and worthy of attention. Roberts Bartholow
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tions of the heart to a certain degree, such as digitalis,
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called, the speaker shall set the time and place. The
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tate of iron in combination form Prussian blue. Injected successively in
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The treatment of abnormal conditions of growth of the nails is purely
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not present any danger which is even remotely comparable with the danger of
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of the endothelial celb to the cancer-cells. I did not succeed in rendering the endothelial
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common basis in disordered luitrition, we obtain at
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