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Reed General Hospital, TaWoma Park, D. C. September 21 to
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Ccesarean Operation in New York. — Dr. Christopher C. Rice, on
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pretending character. The hospital contains, in general, only
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chetes are rare and are usually very difficult to find.
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stitute one of a very long series. It is not too much to say that
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The body was opened by Dr. Seerig of Kb'nigsberg, and exhibited
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having so long had the medical charge of our magnificent Lying-
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to live in friendly relations with their fellow beings
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cases which occurred in the Dublin Lying-in Hospital, under
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covery. Shall we wait and see this patient emaciate, and say that
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cian, expressed the opinion that each organ created
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cedure to arrest hemorrhage is certainly debatable.
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In order to better the situation it is suggested that :
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Auburn, who was present by invitation, and my assistant. Dr.
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at this epoch, but ordinarily when the swelling of the breast has
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coming a thing of the past, a review of the available
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no essential difference between them. He thinks, therefore,
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