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degree, Buffalo Consistory ; and is a Noble of Ismailia Temple, Nobles

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and cure of bodily disease and suffering." M. Reveille-Parise

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first volume of this admirable work. Like its predecessor, the

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new schools, and has so far diminished one of the reasons the

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in Lexington Avenue, enrolled her name without allusion

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and Navy of the Confederate States in the State of Mary-

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has been in San Francisco but two and a half years, hehas •,'i'»\*.A*t

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experts, that the octahedral crystal was not conclusive

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one of her patients, and the news of his death the next

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critically examining the methods of the distinguished

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sanitary conditions, are, however, surely not all the treatment to

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church, and in politics he affiliates with the Republican party. Dr.

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tically say that a track exists in the abdomen formed by

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due to dilatation of the heart or to imperfect action of the papillary muscles.

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improved, 14; uncured, 7 ; died, 11 ; brought in moribund, 15 ;

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Did I attempt to trace the beginning of the use of psychic

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drug must necessarily have the power to condense the tissues

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VyiLLIS GAYLORD TUCKER is descended in the seventh genera-

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metres to I or 2 centimetres. Their number varies from

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of homceopathists of Hungary, and a number of hospitals and a

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very largely to the original gift in order that everything

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ging, the entire surface of the body being exposed. Patients not

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author sets forth "those principles of diagnosis which apply in all

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there was a causal connection between them. In most cases I

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with the third frontal) cause aphasia when diseased, and they

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has been offered, and has undertaken, many other staff appointments

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female child is desired, the reverse. He claims that observa-

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to be treated? How is he assured that the drug will produce the

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constitute pathology." " Many a disease is the contre-coup, so

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given position. This state of immobility may be complete, or

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by neglecting the other wounded men ; a fatiguing operation,

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pelled, but surrounded by hepatized and cedematous pulmonary

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the Coney Island, the Swedish and the Jamaica hospitals. He is a