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early in October. In most of these specialties there are weekly classes

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ti'ansition from the mid-gut, lined by endoderm, to the hind-

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them, and depend on the &ct that the equable movement oi the opposed

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presence of pus, there is usually no great harm in delay-

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The idea is that natural infection occurs by way of the skin and through the

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carrying a double elastic ligature, and each ligature was made

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some — particularly Magendie — to hazard the opinion that his illness was,

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wrong; for my part, acknowledging a liability to error, I am

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ulceration of the os and cervix uteri except of a sjiecijic character, and espe-

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volumetric are so rapid and accurate as to render the indirect methods superfluous,


■connective tissue fibers. At C the intertubular connective tissue has passed

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the dwindling shaft is interrupted by a small knot, within which such a

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For the past two years the author has been endeavor-

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proaching perfection in method and style. Both books

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joints, and nerve injuries. All wounds did well, even

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of the earnest efforts of a few citizens of vision, among them Dr. W. W. Mayo

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However, the discussion of this subject belongs rather to general

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varied in different cases. There is frequently also more or less complete

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weakness, a feeling of discomfort in the mesogastrium,

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in the form of segments of circles. It is a molecular

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observed by V. Hoven and others, that an injudicious administration of

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diplopia, but no ptosief. He had double choked disk, greater on the

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however, he went out and fell into the hands of an-

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with which the method of treatment by plaster jackets

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cribes to the Hermodactyl the same virtues as belong to the

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yellow and dull, flattens off ; a portion decays and

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brain generally." Riggs also states that it is most useful in the

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up each cavity separately, beginning with the antrum, which

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school library law, as the summer of 1888 was the first sea-

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the aid of tho endoscope I noticed granulations. He had been

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this equipment can provide almost 3 liters of saline-

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by the Washington University School of Medicine, St.

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you by lectures we shall not succeed in so presenting it that all

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