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violated is the grass and soil of the land wherein the body

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Infants require, roughly speaking, from forty to sixty calories per

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of the cardiac plexus has been overlooked. In confirmation of the impor-

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Dr. Jenks. — My attention to-day was directed to the num-

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to slight oozing of arterial blood from the inner orifice of the wound.

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age of recoveries under iodid, the first difficulty to be

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for April, 1890, Professor Brown-S^quard continues his

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Chapter VII. extends over nearly 100 pages, and gives a very

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in the head, face, teeth and chest; sore throat; swelling of the glanda

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sciences, more especially geology and natural history, valuable

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to the clinic two weeks previously, complaining of a neuralgic

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increased movement is brought to act upon the portion of the gut in

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impossible to remove the adnexa. In twelve patients the hemorrhages

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disease in accordance with scientific authority and sound

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an hour of the central extremities of the depressor nerves, by means of a weak

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application of the forceps in laborious labours ; this I have done

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in frequency immediately after the injection, and then gradually

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The Society was called to order by the President at

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period, numbness in the arm also came on, and some paralysis of the face, so

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almost universal; but I am disposed to regard it as of higher value

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ing from the angle of the jaw to a point identical with

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F. Workman, Reading, lt>3. : H. Bishop, Tunbridge

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pensary, and quarters for the resident physicians, of whom

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bony projections by cotton wool packing. Carefully applied splints

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The activity of the imagination is the mark of genius in

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in private practice who could be managed, with that in

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pharyngeal wall. Tlie nasal passages were involved, shown by

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authors stated that the quantity of urea was increased

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the milk. In the same way all the other articles of food

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mandibles and its canal, opening ventrally, forms the triradiate canal

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destruction of the margin of the bone, the involvement of the lateral splints, and

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