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and a current strength of 100 milliamperes. These ex-
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of one grain three times a day, with an additional grain to be taken immediately
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carried out under the direction of Professor Schmiedeberg.
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Therefore both reactions above (but not necessarily one above) are proof of the presence of
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and tensions in doctor-patient relationships. The traditional
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aid of the index-finger, keeping the latter well against
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best guide to the extent of the disease. And another
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Male, age forty-seven, married, three children well, one feeble-
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in 7. In my own collection the pupils were dilated and fixed in 8,
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Although direct evidence of the existence of tuberculosis trace-
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showing some improvement with iron therapy, she began to
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of a positive prenatal diagnosis (28%). In the 53 patients
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of the overzealous efforts of attendants to prevent his "taking cold," is too
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The report of this institution, which will be published
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on Medical Inspection, 1905, vol. i. p. 6 ; vol. ii. pp. 161-6)
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almshouses and hospitals for chronic patients confirm
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ably, so that the mean winter temperature of Sitka is
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out a map of the United States, and nine without any globe
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(3,) It permits the operator to wash out the bladder and any
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days after the paroxysm. At the beginning small prominences ap-
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acquainted with any work containing such full and detailed summaries of
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M.A., M.D. Oxon., F.R.C.P. Oxford. At the Clarendon
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disturbance of projection. The patient was unable to give any idea of
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