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trating wound of the head; (2) fitness of patient to stand a

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When, by reason of maturity of growth and multiplication

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the farmer himself, who had suffered at Wejrmouth, and had ever

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having recourse merely to such remedies as will rouse the ac-

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from some cause, it is in excess, it becomes deposited within

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itself a product ot inflammation. 2. The action of the poison

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We .shall have occasion to refer again to the descriptions of these and other American

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attributed to a supposed torpid liver and the other affections mentioned

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i^tantly, and a "miserable feeling down the back of the head

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who had been suddenly attacked Avith contraction of one leg or of the arm

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it passes on its way from the country to the consumer. First, the cow,

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In studying migrations it will save time to work with the heavy

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yellowish and covered with petechijB, his tongue is black, his teeth are covered

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Secretary, G. E. Bell, Wilson, Jefferson Med. Coll., 1921 1921 1922

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valescent from cholera infantum. The mother, eight days before the death of

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result in pericardial adhesions. Inflammation of the myocardium may also occur,

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ascribing unilateral paralyses to a general intoxicant in the sys-

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a paper entitled Albuminuria : its prognostic value

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death it disclosed what I never looked for. The cavity of the

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Transmission of Rales. Rales can also be heard by transmission at some

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so that it may be possible for us to read the tiniest of

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The high temperature and cough increased, and after about four weeks

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of his science, ambitiously sought to discover that great primitive fact or

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was under the necessity of seeking relief in this way; and a case is