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which accumulated in their throats a constant rattling was
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will achieve the best results who appreciates this fact,
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attached to the fibres on the inside of the underclothing.
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puzzled to recognize unlabelled structures, as in PI.
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When we wish to irritate a part, we use the negative; when we
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tend to the family our sympathy, most heartfelt and
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Beports of Offioers and Committees. — The reports of
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a rubber bandage (constricting bandage) firmly _ applied in several
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windows and doors are opened wide for half an hour after such a
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themselves with a liberal protein dietary, as contrasted with the
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A man was admitted into hospital with symptoms of adynamic pneumonia. After
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seven for each. Of these seven wagons, the first contains the
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Dr. Hamell also has shown that, by cooling the sciatic
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This is especially true of the cases occurring after pharyngitis or rheumatic
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alcohol, careful hygiene, fresh air, and a moderate amount of muscular
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rural, like that of Perthshire, than among one chiefly urban, like that
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are here much more striking than in either of the other sections. Many
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fever cannot be rudely torn from its place in the list of
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onstrated are of ulcer, and that very few cases in which
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to examine the molars with the fingers, an instrument like the
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It has this very great advantage, that, while it has this really valuable efficacy as
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physiology of the liver in its capacity of transforming
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nevertheless true, that pressure on the optic nerve will give rise to
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fession that a diploma of doctor of medicine does not always carry
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thelic. Ciucin. Lancet-Clinic, U91, u. s.. xxvii, 591-
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(3) the curdling of milk when incubated at about 37° C. Guinea-pigs
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whatever state we may be placed in. It is natural inertia. The whole
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age, in which near objects cannot be distinctly seen un-
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Leipsic, Brussels and Carlsbad. Volume II. Twentieth
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more for the want of such provision than the curable, who remain comparatively
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reflex causing relaxation, or, finally, primary atony of the
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would be advisable for the Government to introduce on the
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cell. The phenolsulphonephthalein excretion on March 28 was 39 per cent, in
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thorough course iA treatment. The neurologic* psychiatric examination, con-
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virtue in electricity, for it permitted the use of the
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