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The system was, in his opinion, bad, although it was admin-
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Surgeon-Captain G. Duncan, M.B., Bengal Estabiishmeut, L*nd Battalion
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Treatment. — All writers agree that the treatment of constitutional
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Tinnitus aurium, or ringing in the ears, is a very conmaon affection
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constitute a valuable means of diagnosis, because measles is highly
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epidemic in Xew York in the year 1890. I was attacked, while riding
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prescribe opium; it can no more touch diabetes itself than it can touch
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character, are apt to become very chronic. After the rash has died
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its district, and there its obligation ends. If an epidemic
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for scientific reasons that I am obliged to keep Martindale's
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after an operation upon her nose which I advised. This nasal trouble
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much afraid of punishment. They seek their victims from
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localized flush on the cheek of one side; the conjunctivae may be in-
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April, 1854, who seek re-election ; and Mr. A. Trehern Norton
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bacteria, from ulceration of the intestine in typhoid fever, the treat-
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A course of 5 gr. of the sulphocarbolate of soda, with i gr. of camphor
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or five hours. This is found beneath the pigs. In both in-
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scopes, are covered witli several insects, and from thence con-
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they conform to certain stringent rules, the separation of the
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a hemostatic. So soon as the direct impression of cold ceases, it is
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Lothian, and to play golf over his private course. On the
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contained in Mr. Cripps's handbook, which abounds with evi-
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runfortunately, to leave the station to go out into the district
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trate a healthy mucous surface as the streptococci and staphylococci,
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ous hacking cough of the first stages of phthisis. As the inflammatory
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from inhalation of musty dust while he was winnowing oats in his
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equally successful, though we do not profess to know what it
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prescribe any definite number of years of study, the Com-
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blue" is extremely vague. I have been supplied by different
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all the symptoms of spastic paralysis. In its course. its symptoms
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was able to go to London on the Saturday, and in the evening of
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scribed lesion in one hemisphere may cause a person to see only half'
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in 'jui 7>nxitrdit;^ iin^aicji maxxiasisrc iar that campiaint.
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is so great that the wouuds of entrance and exit are similar in charac-
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vanic current, noticeable on the application of the anode, but not of the
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distinguished officer entered the Bengal Medical Service in