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the patient evincing much shock. Tympanites, and ten-
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Tbe fact tbat some of tbese cases do not subsequently develop active
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latent for an almost unlimited period. Why, then, was it
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The Practitioner's Medical Dictionary, by George M. Gould, A.M., M.D.
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assume, that wounds which are parallel to the axis of the heart,
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gresses that the specific cause, which produced it, or complicates it, can be recognized.
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should be dressed occasionally with some oily material; and
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and peculiar aromatic odour. Both fresh and dry, it has
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and afterwards counter-irritants of the severest character, even the
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October 27th. — The pain in the left thigh was so great that the
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the lungs has often confirmed a physical diagnosis of impaired
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the same time, despite a good appetite, sometimes even
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is not infrequently present in cases of euteroptosis.
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Dozed, and then fell into a sound sleep, soon accompanied by stcrtor.
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muscular strength being retained, patients are sometimes able to travel
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duced must be noted. Well diluted spirits will be found most serviceable.
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necessity of more than ordinary caution, and the careless
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Law infirmaries are charged with such cases." 8 " All
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speedy metastasis, is one of the most extraordinary
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into compartments for Petri dishes and for an alcohol lamp and a ti:
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calling the next day, I understood that the child had
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reported were probably due to this cause. In adults eye-
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service he has taught through his lectures probably
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New Sharon, Maine : New England Eclectic Publishing Co. 1901 .
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disease in any place should be equally applicable against its exporta-
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In France, also, a similar provision is being adopted
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ed through the veins of the arm, concentrating in her chest, and
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quoted, the conclusions arrived at by Dr. Baly must be regarded
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l,er aJvan.Js and ele- S,r»rxhei,„ clas^e, nn.s of the othe , but re
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Whereas, Political economy requires the saving of a being which has
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Table II he agreed with. In his previous tables the author had put himself
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removed on the 25th, and he was discharged cured on July 4.