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charged were very young, and have been counted in the grand

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In connection with the subjects of Sanitary Engineering and

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•district, already in existence, and shall make such

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died, or 81.7 per cent. Of these patients 93 received the benzoyl acetyl treat-

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JoJtn Lock'mg, M.D. — Under the present ciicauistances, common fairness

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and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., to Manila, P. I.,

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tion effected, though even then a certain thickness remains in

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Digestive system disordered, appetite bad, and eating was fol-

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but I am not inclined to think that this is a malignant growth. I think

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The first national scientific meeting of the American

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successions of time " are well known. But I am not concerned to insist

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grain) three times a day. Under its use there is often a remarkable

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which was elevated and received just enough food, without fats, and licjuid to

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A third case M'as treated by P)r. Nobis: about 12 grains, sub-

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that one finds in the abdominal cavity, their origin and

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best to go slow ; commence on small things, and as you find

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tion. The fever is of a remittent character, being higher at night and showing

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performed ; and, consequently, the proposal to ligature the primitive

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from any cause the functions. of one or more organs be-

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epithelium; and the oxidation of poisonoiis elements. Hi

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it is to be borne in mind that remissions are apt to take place, followed

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Sivimming, horseback-riding, and, in short, all recog-

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observers, twenty-four hours must elapse before the mosquitos are

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stitutional character of the symptom we call sonmam-

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tively with the first, second, third, and fourth dilutions, a horse

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order to account for many sudden deaths usually referred to

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smaller than those in the center. This is especially

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to the absence of a close resemblance between the rashes in question ;

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twenty years, no one can fail to observe how numerous are the operations,

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the salt. Further studies on the microscopic appearance of the plate-

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matter. Wright, on his entering the room, thought at first that lie was intoxicated,