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each other, the description of one will not serve for all ;
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in excess in the urine in the intervals between the attacks. For these
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Miss U, aged 67, suddenly took to sleeping for twenty hours a day. This
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Gaffky is of considerable value in comparing the findings from time to
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about the chest, his throat and fauces were swollen and'inflamed, with severe
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Thirty per cent, of the births in Cincinnati are attended
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the mecHan position. The tibiah's anticus is apparently paralyzed with
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of pain in the inner angle of the right eye. This pain occurred irregu-
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then from one incision to the other a superficial incision is made upon the
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angles formed by tjie four sides of the quadrangle fitted ac-
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ment. Again it has been seen as a complication in Rinderpest,
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existence, to separate the two functions of the board,
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with the various kinds of medullary cells. The stages i:)as8ed through
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appreciating the evidence bearing on the causes of death.
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Has the expectoration been shown not to contain urate of
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ever, an extensive correspondence, and was flattering myself
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in every way possible endeavored to facilitate and expedite the investi-
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loms described above develop, the head should be covered with an
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"When," as the lecturer aptly remarks, "you get air and water systematically
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Cambridge University Press, Fetter Lane, London, E.C.4: C. F. Clay, Manager
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McNeill, James Wm, Fayetteville (Hon.), Bellevue, 1876 1876 1876
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themselves taking any direct part in the taking up of C0 2 ,
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opposite direction." Not alone in simply tedious labours
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Pearson, K. (1907). Fimt Study of the Statistics of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
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attempt to demonstrate statistically such an accord by tabulating the percentage
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of a chair so that the urethra is constricted in the peri-
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and unhealthy. But this was the only method known and used,
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ually developing dementia occurring in chronic drinkers and that same form of
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from c€/a^r« to conceal.] 1. Literally, a " cellar'*
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from the numerous accounts of such treatment at other places
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serted and transformed into what it now is, as though by the