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Parturient Women. — Dr. DAinviN C'olvix, of W.iyne County,
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pages and is easily worth the price, $2.50. (S. B. H.)
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in three out of my first six cases of hysterorrhaphy. I now
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from the rest of Europe, and 556 from other parts of
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stuffs, and for quantitative estimation of the pancreatic ferments;
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night sweats, high fever. This is tuberculosis all right, but it is the clos-
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Piatt (J. E.) The treatment of fistula in ano. Med.
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catarrhalis. As the former is practically never found and the
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conclusion that this pulse variation is almost invariably met with in all conditions
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Cincinnati; R. B. Bowler, Cincinnati; J. j resolutions were adopted by the Associa-
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pulmonary congestion from contagious fevers, pneumonia and
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have received attention at the hands of some, while
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the heart, of the aorta, or ossification in these very
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it over the oysters in order to poison him ! He informed me that he took the
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bread and butter, and not until the third twelve years could he
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the appendix and in line with the vitello-intestinal ves-
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reclamation. It showed an increase of the birth-rate over the
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tient died twenty-four hours later. In the second case the
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very limited, indeed; but the instrument is so simple in its prep-
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well developed nipples; absence of axillary hair; scant pubic hair, with trans-
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ful as possible in one way or another. Let me state here
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younger lot of pigs for thirty days. With this lot, 593 pounds of sweet
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•confess that no satisfactory explanation has occurred to me. It is true
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more frequently than any other part of the body. The
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that the general condition of the individual has great influence on
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summer on some hitherto overlooked and unknown anaerobic
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Cases of gangrene of the scrotum have been reported as connected
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convinced that there were too many medical schools in the
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a candidate for election shall, at least ten days before the Annual General
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Other cases are relieved by glasses which will make the focus of vision
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which the speaker had used were benzoate of sodium, naphtha-