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revised for America by P. S. CHURCHILL, A. B., M. I>., Instructor in Diseases of
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filtrates from each of the above tubes and the residue with the filter
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comfort caused by the distention is such that the mere pressure of the
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that *' in ordir.ary slates of the system, there is neither dilata-
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the course of the disease is absorbed ; absorption of the inter-artleutitr
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natural sleep, died. Examinations were negative; could not be roused although
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Cal., and report to Surgeon J. H. White for special temporary duty.
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tion (even with a preliminary iride tomy) there is always
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times, there may be a little difficulty and confusion one with the
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spent on illegal drugs, only a little less than the federal
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lieve that I can show that I have a legal defence. I don't claim
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-|" OxoTOiv ^s ocTTO 100V TSvovTOtjv (r(poo^Mg s^Tv^ordsv amcTTrcov-'
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ammoniacal; micturition was frequent and occasionally i)ainful,
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soluble sulfates should be used in maintaining catharsis
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or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also,
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suffering from chloroma, and she was admitted to the Royal Surrey
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unite in the median line, a gap in the bony structure of the spine
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" The view that no haste is desirable in dealing with chronic empy-
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and two at three and six weeks respectively. Two or three
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four parts to bacteriologists of large experience in this kind of
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requires stipulation of the arm and adduction of the hand,
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Ceylon, and frequently causes inquiries to be made. It appears as
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maintain warmth of the surface are of primary importance. Exposures to
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tion of medicated liquids may be employed with advantage. The injections
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pied the right anterior lobe. The period of silence is of variable dura-
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transplant, retaining all its natural marks. The fingers
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ertion to bring the, head forward — to my astonishment, I
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would lead one to suspect the accuracy of his observation ; but granting
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Through the generosity of the American Red Cross a grant of
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