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junctiva varies in degree in different individuals. In most
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occurring after a debauch ; this is followed by a sinking feeling and
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secondary changes, there is no pretense that such proof has
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The guiding star of success was ever before him, and
mils (2.7 f.5) of this salvarsanized serum are injected into the
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nipple between the jaws, its rubbing against the hard gums, and its being wetted
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seems fairly clear; yet many patients arc seen with anemias which are sus-
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use of soda-water must be restricted, and the habit of eating chalk,
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The cell outline is sharp but no cell membrane is evident. In eosin
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long on tin; outer surface of the stomach, and corresponded to an ulceration about
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payment by results be a safe and justifiable measure. As at pre-
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the nerves. Moreover, sugar in blood disappears when in contact with
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recognized pre-eminence among the European nations of the world :
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gla/nds of the neck, he does not hesitate to announce the approach-
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till the lower teeth are in front of the upper. It is
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were a number of adhesions at the apex, and in the upper
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members of the colony refused all medical attendance
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Iwanopp, L. Ueber die fermentative Zersetzung der Thymo-nucleinsaure durch
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formation. The appearances are almost identical with those
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ing any suspicion of an infectious disease. Such cases, whidi, like
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tainly cured ; one (case five) has been free from any pulmonai-y symptoms
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diseases and their relative frequency. If in our case-books we were
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all increased in size. The glenoid fossae are larger and wider apart than
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Valley. Applications received now for immediate asso-
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with expense, fatigue, and inconveniences of various kinds, that are very
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atropine to any person without the cautionary label.
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panions put his finger over the wound to stop the bleeding until a physician could be called
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In cases of scirrhus, or even of encephaloid (acute) carcinoma, of
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the 26th of February, 1866, his cough became more violent, frequently
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It is my rule to give a little purgative and feed on water. I
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observed muscle atrophy and loss of joint function are due to the con-
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under its influence. I think that I shall be able to say to this man,
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end, the warm bath, or the hot air, or warm vapor bath may be
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Bryonia, if this symptom be associated with costiveness.
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Dundee Asylum are placed in more favourable circumstances than
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