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slow, and as shown, veronal-sodium increases rapid elimination of nerve

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longer commonly found in this country, and it is conceiv-

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explained by nervous lesions of this origin, quite analogous to

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An ethical doctor of medicine does not engage in bar-

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short period, release from quarantine is generally permitted

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through the central portion of the vessel ; (4), slowing" of

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with the collaboration of May Michael, M. D. Orthopedic Surgery.

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quantities of gas of 1000 to 1250 Ccm are not excessive. The use

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standards of the best dairy farms. There has recently been constructed

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It is recommended to all those who are teaching emer-

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interstitial inflammatory process and the vascular involvement were illus-

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Malpractice; Physician successfully countersues plaintiff and attorneys

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done it is most necessary to "remember constantly that the child is being

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a later date a submucous resection for the correction of a deflected sep-

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ture, or bodily injury, infirmity or disease. And if you find

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No address or paper before the Medical Society of the

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leaves the patient very anemic; if this is the case iron in an easily assimil-

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not, survive, but that for a time they may mechanically per-

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reached three or four days after the first injection, while the alveolar

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When the life of the mother is in danger, she must be

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George C. Ogden, College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio, died December 2..

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6 Magnus, Die Einfiuz der Abfuhrmittel auf die Verdau-

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their families who cannot, will not, or are otherwise

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I, The Physiology and Pathology of Work and Fatigue. II, Fatigue

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Spread of Typhoid, Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc., 1912, LIX, 1425.

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The subject of the competition is to be limited to a substance or prepara-

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Section was held at the Cleveland Medical Library on Friday, January 5,

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Thus different tissues exhibit differences in susceptibility

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myelographic and clinical-neurological examinations in diagnosis

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sheath. The membrane is best described in three layers. It

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tive process known to science by which a race can continu-

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will be new to most surgeons, who have been accustomed to look upon the

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Sulfate 5,000 units; zinc bacitracin 400 units; neomycin

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its limitations, a positive reaction showing, however, that the

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