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•which treats of the application of all means — medicinal
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should be consulted. Prophylaxis against nephritis should be
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This position of the patient will, in my opinion, he
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powder solution has been added, they undergo conspicuous darkening,
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cecum. If such an appendix is undisturbed, one of three results will
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An antiseptic alkaline douche consisting of one part KATHARMON to seven parts of wars
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characterized by a diffuse area containing many small clear spaces surrounding
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spinal fever, syphilis, and tuberculosis. A very characteristic form is that
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probably for generations. But then fancy the intelligence of the
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dian tribes, harsh discordant sounds and doleful chants
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Dr. J. R. Cii.vmvK'K as follows : " Mrs. R. came to me when she was be-
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Gentlemen — On retiring from the chair, at the meeting held at Dr.
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Cadets May Use Tobacco. — An important change in the
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was a very distinct "nip" about an inch long, by one-
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ment of the costal border on the affected side if the displacement
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nerves. Indeed there is aid and comfort to the medical man in this
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measures fail, change of climate, if practicable, should be advised.
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marrow ; no synovial membrane and lymphoid marrow, no tuberculosis.
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insanity, and in general terms this is true. It is, however, impossible to
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somnia, nervous fever, headache constant, with frequent
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persons listed in paragraph B above. In determining the ratio, nurses
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is not confined exclusively to the left side as was at first sup-
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the welfare of the town. For over twenty-three years,
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remove them. I suljusted the curtain of the room to ex-
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I can say is that it often requires better judgment to
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capable; in tracing out the origin and nature of ob- simple infiammntion, the theory of Laennec commencfd
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large swelling to the left side of the spine, extending from
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throat, especially on swallowing, for about five weeks. In 1911 he had
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hand. The left hand and wrist are shown for comparison.
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ence of murmur in the larger arteries, such as the carotid, subclavian, etc.,
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attending the employment of the principle, especially in