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the Infusion is still warm ; the addition of milk and

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the no-injury idea, for that is what anociation is.

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the dose in which it is given, and the method in which it is employed,

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this side of the body had been removed. Specimen removed two days after opera-

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are apt to terminate in considerable prostration of the

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the statement that they induce or attempt to influence in any

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had a pressure of 20 c.c. and a 4 tube wound, of 10 c.c.

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would-be reformers, and cried as loud as any for such

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a morbid condition of the heart ; this is a very frequent cause of he-

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copy I am writing from, in most perfect condition — lent me by my

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the animal should not be naturalised — acclimatised we should

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lithotrite (the one in common use) (Fig. 392) is shaped somewhat

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temperature of 66°'3 F. The pleasantest month is June, and

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2 System of Medicine, Osier and Macrae, vol. iv, p. 349.

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and the pain in the head that he had severely at times and

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a few months to two or three years. Asa rule, the relapsing are shorter

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lesion is or is not syphilitic ; if it be, the prognosis is good, and even after a

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when the family moved to Spartanburg in June, 1914. The attack of pellagra

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solution, therefore, contained both carbonate and borate buffers.

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Hospital and University appointments of the author(s) should accompany

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I found the patient well-nourished, with slight swelling of the cheek

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despite the violence of the irritant used. Nor, from what we

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these may be found in connection with both brain and cord.

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cians in the city, died on the 10th of the present month.

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where, is against abscess and strongly in favour of tuberculous meningitis.

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and pathology, or the physician who is not constantly

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collect, chiefly from American sources, a large number

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tions, we have no hesitation in saying that cycling is a boon and a bless-

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the air is charged with moisture, the daily rains being followed

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horizontal line, about one-fifth of an inch further out, cutting downward

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letter of a female anti-vivisector who refused the use

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and other things which the joint almost talks to us about,

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ment all inflammation ceased,* and the eye regained its external normal appea^

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with a considerable amount of success. The method of using it is by applying

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is lust, and death closes the scene. In exceptional cases, instead of this

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abundant before the date of the Crusades, and especially in the