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General Symptoms. — Heat and pain in the mouth, in-

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the beneficial action of any drug, still more if there is strong

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arterial walls ; in cramp of some of the voluntary muscles, and,

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use of small sand bags on either side of the head and a strip of ad-

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from over-feeding or under-feeding until it is kept in a stupor, the

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should speak of such creatures as being at one time plants, and at

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no pains, no paraesthesias, and during his sleep all

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medica, pathology, and therapeutics ; with chemistry, especially

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resistance to varying osmotic pressures are hardly comparable unless carried out

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countries or in those who nave wandered from the above infected districts.

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Ros.\NiLiNE. — Feltz and Boucliut have treated a small

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The new hospital will be erected on Fletcher's Field,

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joint disease which, through neglect, demand primary am-

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(Prom the Ovnecological Clinic of the John* Bopkitu Hotpital.)

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tion, which tumor may degenerate and ultimately become malign-

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pains are excessive, attended with extreme sensibility of the skin, and

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posure through blood transfusions. This person had several

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It was long ago discovered that diabetics did well upon milk, not-

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atrophy of the thyroid gland, may be comprehended in

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the dorsum. Active flexion and passive extension of all the

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examination of the defendant in a trial for impotency.

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University of Copenhagen. It has been considerably enlarged

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do almost everything, but it must be handled with far more

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guided, the method of cure, its effects in the various kinds of cataract, and dif-