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dissolved in the greater part of the water (warmed if
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necrosis of the liver cells in dogs, but .3 c. c. of chloroform per pound
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pressure with the finger on any eye. After reposition, these symptoms dis-
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founders of rival schools, which had no foundation in na-
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Repr. from : Mem. Accad. d. sc. d. 1st. di Bologna, 1867,
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latter purpose in the case of horses. Oil of turpentine is
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are strongly predisposed to the infection and contract the disease
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press the utero-placental vessels. In other words, it would, by
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the delicacy of their senses, the intuitive quickness of their per-
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there were giants in those days, but because asepsis and
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mice for Lyme disease spirochetes. Am J Trop Med Hyg 1 987 ; 36:92-96
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sooth the bronchia and solicit expectoration. It can only be safely
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with l)ut sli^;ljt motion of the chest walls, and on expiration there seems to Ix;
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are placed in a porcelain dish, and the mixture slightly
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Quinine. — Dr. Binz 1 contends that quinine does not diminish reflex
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longer to continue their subscriptions, we hope that our friends will be
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microscopical appearances I have sometimes observed I have thought traceable
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terical manifestations. The lecture is the most important thing in the
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to themselves. They are not able to sensitize to beef serum, nor do
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division is really a very complicated process. First the blephai-o-
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week. Goodhart regards the occasional termination of the pyrexia by lysis,
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highway on which the great caravan of bacteria£travel to
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disturbed skin, which divided the space from which the
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confidently of rheumatic fever as an infective disease.
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the onset of acute febrile disorders can scarcely be
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It is to be regretted that this case was not more thoroughly studied.
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but the hair has since returned. There was no pigmentation. Treat-
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a considerable difference in the amounts injected at different times,
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hen's egg filled the right orbit and projected consid-
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In one large mononuclear I saw a beautiful demonstration of pig-
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nately, none of their numerical formulte have as yet been