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IS 10. Dr CIarke'5 Medical Report for Nottingham. 283

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communication of paper by Mr. T. S. Ellis on skin-sliding

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Marshall and Jolly. PJiil. Trans. Roy. Soc, 1906, cxcviii, p. 99.

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out the anterior urethra with a warm solution of argyrol 1—1,000,

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morning, when there are the narrowest pores, and the highest conductivity

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thalmus disappeared, and the wound quickly healed. During the first few

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th6rap. [etc.], Par., 1895, cxxix, 110-119.— Crombie (A.)

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physical signs upon the results of our examination.

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patient on his side. Sir Henry's chief reasons for pr^

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in another by eczema, in others by various other troubles :

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practice. Under the conditions existing and likely to exist

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The skiagram of an aortic aneurysm (Fig. 6) was kindly lent

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quantity. Ecchymosis had taken place at one or two points where the in-

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these unfortunates are set adrift in early adolescence

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with respect to the morbid process taking place in the uter-

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tion ; but the writer is not disposed or willing to abandon

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ported by dry plaster roller several time around the limb. After the

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have been made seriously ill if I had continued the investigations longer.

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finger, and the emptying o'f the bladder and holding it aside with a

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has reported fourteen cases in which red pus was ob-

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may not be due to a diathetic condition, who are otherwise

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so unfavorable a symptom as Dr. Janeway had indicated, but

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Chin slightly drawn in. To prevent the head and shoulders from drooping

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tomy if the kidney were disorganized. The moment the

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operative. I remember one case, however, in which several visits and long

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opium, or its preparations — in persons of intemperate habits, either large eaters

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suddenly bring my finger to a rest on my right eyebrow,

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loral medical provision to meet such, as well as by the absence of any apphances whatever

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has been peculiarly marked by the introduction of few bills touch-

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culture, Bureau of Animal Industry, Twenty-fourth Annual Report. 1907,

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