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twenty brownish-red, irregularly-shaped pustules, varying in
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functions of the brain, heart, thoracic and abdominal viscera,
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Hospital the temperature of the incubator at the outset
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upon the albumin consumed, rising and falling in pro-
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diverticulum of the bladder in which septic urine stagnates, or pyo-
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been laid on these accidental conditions, and how necessary it
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its customary granulating from that point. This, however, is a
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Some of these cases are the result of disease, not of congenital defect (7).
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noea ; her breathing is now easier, and she has much less pain ;
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redness, lachrymation, etc., of the second eye dis-
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the spread of smallpox from the patient is both proper and
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zation, but were surprised to find a fresh, brownish-red hepatization
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channel lined with peritoneum. The stomach is dropped
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and that all mankind are more or less susceptible to it as they
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inflammatory diseases, exhibit the remittent character of the proper
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" From the fact," says Mathieu, " that we more readily
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artificial inoculation is a strong argument against the
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this paper to discuss the tobacco habit and tobaccoism from the physi-
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Lecturer on Regional Anatomy, University of Edinburgh.
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made in the next article. In splenic pseudo-leucocytha^raia the spleen is the
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to her from the family table, and she took great pleasure in
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There are two different structural information files that describe the patient
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If the symptoms were from the first unfavourable, or the wound likely to
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of niacin. Sustained-action nicotinic acid preparations are
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be held equal to a total of approximately $20,000.00 Mex. or
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seized with colicky pains. He supposed that the diminu-
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FIG. 172. Springing an upper dorsal lordosis. The leverage
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cerebral hemorrhage on the left side, by Luigi Mangiagalli. . . . And. 5th.
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3. It 'modifies living tissue, and, in virtue of this action, is
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with heartburn ; flatulency and constipation ; frequent
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overheating to such an extent as to produce may best be relieved by giving plenty of
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Sterilized ligatures which will remain in the tissues unabsorbed
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