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of their country on the miseries, the wrongs, and the

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stantiated by the improvement and cure in a series of cases treated

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partition called the mediastinum, and also by the heart, by large

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view of a few of the prominent qualities upon which

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probably chiefly because of the suspension of the masticatory movements.

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The function of most of the secretory organs is nearly or quite sus-

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7. " What is the Most Frequent Location of Cervical Lacerations when

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quent free drainage. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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chill (though some chilly feelings) or fever, and no catar-

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greater extent than in any other town in proportion to its inhabit-

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for many months. I mention her case because the regulation of

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President Cubbens : I want to say a word in regard to the medi-

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and discharged, without the consciousness of the patient. This

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25. Nino AF, Berman MM. Gluck EH, et al: Drug-induced left ventricular

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young medical student, a familiar friend of both families. He

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when present, its importance should not be undervalued, as when

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menschlichen Auge. Deutsche med. ■Wchuschr., Leipz. u.

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type and there was a well-marked "white line." The systolic pressure was 108

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and acting dean of the University of Wisconsin Med-

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prevent the introduction of solid aliments into the mouth.

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the aspect of the cadaver. Every acute disease always alters more

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cubic centimetres of water, four-fifths could be de-

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primary or secondary, although variations occur and, in perhaps one-

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If the disease commences as a subacute affection there may

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membrane, yet in gonorrhceal endometritis we must not perform it. In