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as possible, then drawing a pipetteful of the next dilution to be used
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second edition, the papers are arranged with still more attention to
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varieties of mucedinous fungi. Various experiments proved, 1st,
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several preparations used, sufficient care was taken in making
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in the stage of broken compensation than are those of the aortic valve.
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the first days of this cure, the author advises the introduction, from time
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. . . . 2i " zwieback, fresh or old, dry or with tea
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was also laid aside by serious illness. To his enemies he was for-
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1-3 drops daily until we have reached 50 or even 60-100 drops. The
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with a consideration of the anaphylaxis reaction as induced by
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specimens from other nodules of similar age, guinea-pig 56, for
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ning with the brain (passive hyperaemia of the cerebrum and of the
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infectants upon naked germs in the absence of more than minimal
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use. Potassium chlorate as a mouth-wash is used in a 2-3 per cent,
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Gosselin carefully examined its connexions in case it should be
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in only a few of the spleens of guinea-pigs and then early in the
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eyes, the only feasible explanation could be that the outer half of
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causing belching, thus relieving the patient of gas. Magnesium dioxide
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pig 2,321, and remained in the same location on this pig for six
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thus liquefied have not, however, been generally substantiated.
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processes in other organs, which have been set up by the cardiac insuffi-
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which the temperature was 103-105° F. were replaced by an elevated continued fever
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summer, but are suitable for many patients all through the winter.
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The reproduction is the same in all classes of the population.
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spring of 1818, the outbreak was universal in the eastern division of