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standers. The "drunk" has far less muscular strength

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out on myself and one other person, a young man in the

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Twice gonorrhoea ; the first time a year ago, the second

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For two days an uneventful course, except for frequent vomit-

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Wieber, Adolph, 181 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.

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goes wrong if he proceeds along the proper lines by giving dig-

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patients, irritants such as the unreasonable demands from a

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capable of explaining the instant extinction of life,

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ventive character of the drainage of the biliary tract

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' Man. Complet de Med. Leg.' p. 137.) Nevermann has drawn up a table in

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any where described. It is the motor ataxia of hysteria. In the great

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tainable except after three years, at the very least, of medical

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The patient had no disturbance of temperature and very little pain after

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average for the thirty-five years, 1871-1905. Only twice since

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growth resembled in some respects certain cases de-

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by 0.1 to 0.2 /.t). The body of the parasite may have

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with the two divisions of pathology distinguished as general and special.

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Maryland, and Dr. W. K. Newton, of Paterson, N. J. ; The Hygiene of

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month on the fourth day, from the southeast, at the

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There is now a firm swelling in the right tonsillar region, and a mass

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chest was 4£ : two-thirds of this is 3£. The circumference of the left half

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head is more difficult and dangerous than when fixed by the body of the

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parts in question, and tliat especially the conjunctivitis

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tional amendment, as the amount of urine became less.

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sympathetic interest in the history of one of the ancient "cells" of

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Agriculture, New South Wales, Miscellaneous Publication 126.

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cardia can be produced by chloroform, digitalis and strophanthin.

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of the lower lid ; when, after repeated efforts, reduc-

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direction of rivers, small streams, and lakes. Pharyngitis, ton-

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the third following abortion. The patients, notwithstanding this, all