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this case, but it also contains a feature of its own, which
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tion of the vestibular nerve. The retrolabyrinthine ves-
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tractions of the uterus to expel it. Presently a coagulum is driven out,
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262. On the Treatment of Cancer of the Neck of the Uterus and Allied Structures
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of pain in extra-uterine pregnatjcy ; perhaps there was
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portable respiration apparatus. In hyperthyroidism there is an increase up to
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A unique case is that of a lady in Rochester, who could
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upon the severity or frequency of the paroxysms is apparent. It should then
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that medical men need not have the slightest fear about the use
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the fifth pair of nerves in their exit from the medulla oblongata,
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Whittemore, W. S. A suggestion as to the prevention
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enough for .the thorough condemnation and exposure of his
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Dr. Grouse of Brentwood saw hini for the first time
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with the exception of a slight cough. After working hard all
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advantage be dispensed with. The best results from inoculation will
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tor seizmg prey. 3-6. Four pairs of seven-jointed walking legs.
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antedates the doctor's treatment I can not say. After suspend-
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aneurism ; when the internal tunic alone has ruptured, and
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it up the limb, but the skin remains natural. Caustic removes the tumour,
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ceptibility to infections normally controlled by the cell-
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act either on the heart or on the muscular coat of the vessels ;