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exists. In both forms the lesions are mainly confined to the large intestine,

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choice, providing there is time to await its effect.

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inflammatory diseases, exhibit the remittent character of the proper

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complicated matters. Fortunately the man had an attack while in

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the individual problem. If this policy com- ^'''^^'"^ ^^"^ ^^^''^'^'^ ^■^^'^-'^ '^^ ^^ antit. x-

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cautious autogenous vaccine treatment carried out. In early

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desire for an improved system of Medical education in this

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practised by her first physician. About three months after

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insane. We have ourselves had a case of over twelve years'

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Hamilton, Juo. B., L.R.C.P.Ed., Caroline Villas, Leytoustone Road

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All the organs and tissues appeared to have suffered.

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low intellect. The pupillary reflexes constitute the best

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and poohpoohing the " hobby rider " will only disadvan-

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we undertake to adjust or correct these figures so as to truly

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in 20 c.c. of boiling water. After standing for some time the; super-

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present tumour is situated. Xo enlargement was noticed until some daj's after-

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a period of one week upon presentation of a library card which will be issued

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vomited dark matter, each attack of vomiting coming on

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has continued to blow through the month, except from the 6th

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date, March 21st. She stood erect upon the soles of her feet on the 18th,

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Dr. C. Phillips ; Ricord and Civiale were consulted. He

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inches ; circumference at base, 23 inched Throughout

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crescent bodies — that is, the male and female — are injested

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the lungs were congested ; the odour of the poison was perceptible only in the

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posure rather than to direct contagion. Park believes that in the majority

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at least of his four years of Medical and Surgical Study shall

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heart and suffocation. In some cases, finally, the above symptoms are

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medical officers at Washington are insuffident in number,

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little study, to imitate them fairly well. There are various points, how-

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of ice, or the ice-water jacket, may be useful in cases where

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but really I was not able to do so, as I was so much engaged in attending