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The legs were usually flexed and were sometimes ad-

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through which he had passed ; but they could do some-

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met Avith one case in which the patient was capable of Avork or business.

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flank, was increased by pressure, and radiated into the right hypochondrium. For

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departures from organic health which are characteristic of epilepsy, but

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men was invariably attended with good results. Th&re is every reason

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now hlood rushing into a district where chronic conges

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tionists claim to disbelieve can be practiced. On this hypothesis man

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singers and actors, and he has a son who is already

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diminution of the urinary secretion, no disturbances of any graAdty

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sufferings until in December, 1875, when he was operated on a

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improve the tone of their abdominal muscles. Outdoor

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* A ! <l and Alcoholic Preparations in Surgery, &c. By F. J. Butaillid and Ad. Guillct.

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blance in the nature of the disease which fixes upon the ovaria and

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extracts, all of which must contain alkaloids in unknown quan-

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ably lowered. At times tho loft oye squints nearly three lines.

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direction. Often, too, a low specific gravity, say 1013, although the other

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least signs of gravity, the patient is suddenly stricken with serious

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History of Vaginal Extirpation of the Uterus. — Dr.

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long, the jaundice may already set in during the pains. As regards fre-

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Tvpes, by John Green, M. D. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea. 1876.

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pure myopathy, analogous to that rare condition of the

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pale in colour, unless the animal has been severely ridden pre-

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She was admitted to my ward during my absence in the

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either incurable, or ought to be treated differently, when I come to the particular

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pline. In Falkenstein I have dined for weeks with a hun-

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23. Douglass CC, Twomey JJ: Transient stomatocy tosis with

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Special attention is called to the last column in Table 1. It will be

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infection should never be made unless motile entamebas

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with water, because the Turkish bath brings out the grease from the skin.

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end of the nose. The radiograph of these lesions showed very plainly that there

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