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Management of Labor (both normal and abnormal). Care of Newborn Infant.
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observer saw the starch bodies in a tumour involving the optic nerve, and also
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belladonna. During convalescence, tonic remedies and hygienic measures to
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emergencies not foreseen or expected. Every effort should be made
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cessive. Gave him one twenty-fourth of a grain of sulphate of mor-
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used, and when the rhythmic orderly procession of the short
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pearances presented. But remembering the disease is erysipelas,
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skin and superficial fascia. I next fixed the point of the bistoury
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Stuart, 16, 21. John M'Lean, painting by Stuart, 17, 18.
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digestible. An adequate amount of sleep must be insured.
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cavity was ojiened on both sides, particularly on the right ;
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la fi^vre typhoide normale. Bull. gen. do therap. [etc.].
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frequently than in childhood or adult life. This is
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and all coordinated and combined acts being executed with difficulty ;
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facts, facts ! " But what were facts to a woman with a
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whom he dislikes, and he claims to decide for himself
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females; between 30 and l" years, 23 cases — 7 females ; between 40
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we need only say they have not suffered at the hands of their
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135 times. Dr. C. F. Hoover said that he had been very
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or died immediately after birth, while two were apparently in
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Duration. — There is not much to be said on this subject, as all the
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following changes in the organic law of the Aubrican
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The cases are unselected as far as the lesions, mani-
had a severe attack of diarrhoea with terrible pain. A hypo-
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tuberculous disease of the spine or even of the ribs, must be mentioned,
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After referring to three analogous cases, recorded Dy Sir Charles Bell, Mr.
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For ASA 1 patients, an insignificant reduction in the
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Though rare in this country, it is quite common in some
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very difficult to draw a parallel between the extirpation of the cancerous uterus
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faculties of one man. Given these achievements we have wandered
it had been followed by very serious consequences. At the same time, I
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it from a house spread a line of damp sawdust across the room and
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necessary to satisfy these general averages. Inasmuch as some of these