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of 2.5 ex. ot serum was given. In forty-eight hours from the first injection
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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 3 a,n. 17, 1884.
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observed during the whole time the patient was under treatment for
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made. The necessity for early administration is of course the
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serted my finger into the rectum and at once found a soft,
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describing the symptomatology of cyclic albuminuria (^^).
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when standing, the method of lying down or getting up, the
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the site and extent of the spinal degeneration will vary accordingly.
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Valerius and Niepce observed one case resulting from
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Professor of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, State
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these may be found in connection with both brain and cord.
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even copper sulphate and iodin, should be used only by one who is
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of the most dangerous impurities of alcohol, he said, was
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of this subject with much pleasure. I have been im-
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terior of many encysted tumours. The crystals of cholesterine have the form of
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more common in the spring and fall of the year. Kheumatism is
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from their qualified physicians, all progress in this direction has been
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the pure and more nutritious food be swallowed, the
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the only disease which really concerns us in this work is urinary
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it granulates well, covered with skin grafts. The tissue of the prepuce is
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ternes, des symptornes cliniques et des inStlicdes de
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portions have been removed, as straw; tubers and roots
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and pcdiculi, urticaria and erylliema, elephantiasis and
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ral invitation to all who might wish to witness it.
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body and limbs passed away ; the mental faculties were un-
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Menstruation — Scanty and fre- Menstruation — If patient be young
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uniform than those in gout, in that tliey all display the
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The Practitioner's Medical Dictionary, by George M. Gould, A.M., M.D.
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beginning to be affected. Tliis interesting and rare disease had
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An objection to this operation is that it does not relieve the shortening
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