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Case 2. Mr. S., age 55, white, came under my care in

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tents of the cyst attached to the main tumour were blood and red

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muscle, which, as the result of damage to its vitality by

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second metacarpal bones. Tbe man at once drank a pint

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list of drugs, and gives minute details as to management.

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I think it is the duty of every man that wore the gray from

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appointed after a competitive examination by a medical board

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this incomplete enuresis we find retention of urine, and it becomes

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analysis we are enabled, in a few minutes, to obtain results which

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disintegration of the red blood-corpuscles and setting free

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host. Reports are constantly coming in and all are derived from the same family,

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deportation of that which has become effete (Carpenter). The

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success and very definite prescribing, it always con-

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capsule. Touch the platinum, through the acid liquid, with a piece of pure

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sometimes suffers, more or less, from shallow, flat lesions, which

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the inside of the knee, another upon the inside of the ankle, extending five

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district which would give them ample material from which to prepare a val-

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age, given with the meals. ( Wlen. Med. Blatter, Yo\. XIX, page

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studies of Conklin and Hacker). What is the simplest — we do not say

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lowing method for vaginal hysterectomy : The cervix

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sharp, forcible beat ; but if this is not sustained by a certain

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retention of 0.1301 gm. of sulphur. We are quite at a loss to explain

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Joseph M., aged twenty, small in stature, was treated through

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the bandage was removed, warmth began to return to the limb, which was then

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hends. We may, however, enumerate the following works on

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reports forty per cent of recoveries in the cases he has operated upon.

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ly. The bacilli found in meningitis, otitis, trachoma,

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If the absorption does not take place the probability

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Occasionally no doubt idiopathic inflammation arises, independentiiy of

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