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interval is shorter. As a rule, the attacks begin at the same hour
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rinated lime, alcohol, and water together. A non-inflammable, very
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morning, as melting as the tears that glisten in affection's eye — by growing kindly, by cultivating
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is also involved by extension (pyelonephritis). Renal abscesses are thus forme<i.
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quent authorization of their proceedings. The learned judge (Cockburn, C. J.)
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Snker(G. F.) The aetiology aird treatment of spasm of
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He considers that the essential cause of the whole trouble is to
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In the autumn of 1865, the treatment of constitutional syphilis
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and thus prolongs the labour beyond a normal duration.
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inaugurated in the Department of Pathology at the meeting
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Lithotrity Syringe (Mr. Maunder), Woodcut . . . .217
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the surface pale, congested, or otherwise modified in colour, and either
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of the larynx.' This growth fills up about two-thirds of the superior open-
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but those of the second part are far more suggestive and interesting,
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defeat the enemy in a fair fight upon a field of his
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slow, sinking, sometimes, to 48 or 50 in the minute. The pulse
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Although causes relating to diet are essential to the production of the
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rigidity of the parts making up the birth-canal ; the possibility of a
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to get the best results from health delivery, the patient-
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for cured or arrested cases of tuberculosis ; and they would
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It should ever be borne in mind that the agents used in the treatment
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ments certain, though guarded, conclusions as to the
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Okd, George R., Esq., appointed Surgeon to the Royal Asylum of
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(quoted by Lusk), 1 in 117; Swayne and Tanner, 1 in 231;
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off the iron, a-l ministering in its stead, from January 4 until January 30,
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The insufficiency of the former method is manifested in a
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pocket, and that he will shoot down the first man that interferes
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and hydrogen are univalent elements ; oxygen bivalent; nitrogen
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tersb,, 1884, iv, 401-407.— Raynaud (L.) Essais de s6io-
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trimetoprim-sulfametoxazol (bactrim) 160/800 mg
The proportion of Morphia— § gr. in f. 3i- Dose — Five to twenty Drops.