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this condition, however, the word introduced by Sollier^,
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flattened fibre with frayed segments as of a cane stalk. Silk shows a glass-like tube
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tions of healthy parts will sometimes enable you to
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adverse reactions seen in adults. Thiazides appear and triamterene may
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comparatively superficial. The swelling and redness are, in general, pro-
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ing case, and hope to publish it in our next. We have reason
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complete what they were not able to accomplish. And then
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be lessened but not entirely obviated by the position of the patient
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classes of ripe fruits and vegetables. During the last
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prostration, anemia, and emaciation are concomitants. Evidences of amyloid
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swallowing depends on the centre situated in the bulb, and that of contrac-
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peculiar preservation of tactile sense in syringomyelia should enable the
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blood to the head, the patient should be cupped in the back of the
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the remainder of the tissue retains the appearance of normal fibro-
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forms of inorganic bodies.* My space permits me to allude to a few only
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swallowing dried cholera-bacilli. They experienced no
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greenish or brownish fluid composed of serum and micrococci. The
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February 2 and continued working until February 11, when he
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the three medical schools in Montreal that at present deliver
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tine prenatal care showed that 3 % of these women had seda-
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These dietetic rules consist merely in the avoidance of medicinal and
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subcutaneous tissue at the rate of from 2 to 3 gm. a day, and that if time
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noticeable in its hind legs, but it did not seem to be particularly weak
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result of a streptococcus, or rather a ptomaine resulting
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And but one of pulmonary inflammation of fatal character.
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untary admission of patients to Hospitals for Insane,
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We apply over the pubes a cotton wool within a minute this is allowed to siphon
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tractions, but this is possible only when the pulse rate is quite slow.