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wife. — Sawicky (Przeglad Chirurgiczny, vol. ii, part 3, 1895,) writes of a
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bladder after such treatment show clear evidence of erosion."
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the shape of islets of variable dimensions. In the spinal meninges the pus
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and a cure resulted. Mr. Brown had made experiments,
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1810. PJiilosopJiical Transactions of the Uoyed Societij. ly?
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observer saw the starch bodies in a tumour involving the optic nerve, and also
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The last-named circumstances, as well as that the wrapping of
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10th. It will be recollected that the steamships Eng-
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Former noncommissioned officers of the regular service now holding temporary
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begins where physiology ends. We shall now endeavour to
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abundant. Existing in the lungs in immense number, they characterize
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deformities. The chief factor in the production of the shortening is
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Resolved, That this society adjourn, to meet at New Haven, on
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the facial trunk near the geniculate ganglion ; through this
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spent on illegal drugs, only a little less than the federal
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bowels constipated. Menses appeared at fourteen, never regu-
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a plaster-of- Paris jacket during suspension. The author did not propose to speak
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up the subject of methyl-blue before the above-named So-
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sions are very likely to be drawn from single determinations.
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with vertigo. Sometimes the first symptom to attract attention is an