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"hysterical mutism." These cases are now commonly known by that

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of more accurate and frequent observations. Some curious facts have been

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the fundus contracting upon the bladder of water flattened it out with so little

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As a contrast to the non-separation of sequestrum he

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constitutes a question of the greatest importance, especially in reference to

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organisms, and these occur only in this disease. These

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inations made by a competent protozoologist, and, if at

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during the process of parturition. Forty-two cases of

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sitecific gravity to 1020, and the lluitl is ready for use."

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Prognosis. The prognosis should always be guarded. Broncho-

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design to injure, it is a fair ground for a jury, — not for a medical witness, to

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It was to be concluded from this review tliat the time had passed

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focus from “fitness, fitness, fitness!” to an approach

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abdominal walls in the median line and the peritoneal cavity

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fraction. J. Ophth., Otol., & Laryngol., N. T., 1894, vi,

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treatment in those cases where this typhoid tendency

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sclerosis (Guy on and Lannois's theory), but are the direct result of a

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its composition. Tliat such a change does take place seems to ba^

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tient inspires immediate confidence. The same advice to

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effective in restoring T-cell function or increasing the

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belief, and no candid observer can deny the fact that many

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cet, Toronto, 1891-2, xxiv, 193-196.— Wiird'emann (H.V.)

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comparison of the characters described by these gentlemen,

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by the salicylate there occurred relajises in 26.6 per cent. ; In those treated by

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To illustrate the freedom with which it might be administered,

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terly publication, under the name of the Lublin Juurnal of

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thigh and the upper part of the leg. Upon this district of skin most of the

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Candy, Common Twist. — Boil 3 lbs. of common sugar